Thank you so much for visiting us! We’re Sean & Tiffany! We’ve been traveling full-time in our RV and to us, it’s all about taking a moment to pause and enjoy the little things, the places, the people, the experiences. Our traveling dog, Astro, loves life on the road and exploring new destinations!

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Take a moment
once in a while
pause to breathe
reflect and smile.
Think happy thoughts
and look around.
Feel the sun on your face,
your feet on the ground.
Count the stars.
Examine the sky.
Catch the rain.
Watch birds fly.
Make meaning from silence.
Let words lift your soul.
Explore every facet
of your wonderful whole.
Take a moment
to count your wins.
Smell the coffee.
Drink it in.
– MS Moem

RV Life During The Pandemic

Currently moochdocking at my daughter and her husband’s house. Making due with the situation and grateful to have a place to stay right now. Also nice to have tools readily available for pandemic remodeling! Sean already took out the dinette and bench seating to make...

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RV Sticker Club

If you are part of the RV community, you may have heard of the RV Sticker Club. People from all over the country trade their stickers with fellow travelers to show support and connect. To date, we have mailed 339 stickers (yes, we are highhandedly keeping USPS...

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Full Time RV Couple

In life, it is easy to get swept away with day-to-day life and we want to show others it's not only okay, it's important, to stop and take moments to pause. Whether it's just enjoying the nature around you or taking a drive to meet up with the great outdoors, we can...

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