One of our favorite parts about traveling is getting to capture all of the incredible experiences we’ve had. We love to look back and see where we’ve been and what got us to today. Click the images to see close-ups of our travel photos!

Ghost Mountain Campground

This membership campground is where we finally figured out our style of RV camping. We enjoy more of a “state park” campground feel vs. a “RV Resort Park”. Oh, sure, it’s nice being pampered, but we prefer being near trails and feeling like we’re escaping the rat race. This campground offered the convenience of partial hook-ups, but the feel of traditional camping and hiking.

San Francisco

It amazing what you can find in your own backyard. We’ve lived in Northern California most of our lives and as close as 30 minutes to San Francisco. But finding new, old places, is always fun. On a day in the city, we took off towards the Presido area and found some great views, some history, and trails to explore.

Las Vegas

Of all the places that we’ve visited, Las Vegas NV surprised us the most. Typically you just think of the Strip or the “Welcome to Las Vegas” sign, but there are some beautiful areas to hike nearby. Our favorite is the The Red Rock Canyon NP, but we’ve also found some local parks and bird sanctuaries with nice trails to follow. Yes, there’s hiking in Las Vegas…shocking, I know! 🙂

Arizona 2020

After returning from Mexico, we spent a few more weeks in Arizona visiting friends in the Parker area, before having to head back to California to help Tiffany’s daughther in recovery from major surgery. On the drive back, we did an overnight in Barstow CA at Owl Canyon Campground. Beautiful desert area with rainbow rock formation…a definite return visit required.

Arizona 2019

This was the beginning of being on the road full-time. We left California and traveled to Payson, Sedona, Camp Verde, and to Yuma to finish off 2019. Along the way we met up with German friends we met on the road. They had shipped their C-Class over to the East Coast and had traveled through Canada, down the West Coast (where we met through Boondockers.welcome), met again in Las Vegas, and once more in Yuma Arizona. They were on their way to Panama to ship their rig home after a few more months on the road. On a whim, we joined them going to Mexico…and had planned to travel to Belize with them…but then bureaucratic red tape prevented us for traveling further with them.


Growing up, going to Disneyland was a yearly trip for Tiffany’s family…so, it is one of her happy places. In 2017, when we first began living full time in the trailer, we spent 9 months in Bakersfield. As an escape, we decided to get season passes for our time down in SoCal…so, lots of Disneyland trips. Sean’s consolation prize, was that the next season pass would be a National Park Pass!

Senora Mexico

This was a whim…and the first taste of just going where the wind took us. We enjoyed our time with our German friends and decided “why not” go with them further on their adventure. We had planned to follow all the way down to Beliz and then part ways, but it wasn’t meant to be this time around. Due to paperwork issues, we were unable to go further into Mexico than the Sonora boarder. But, oh boy, what an experience it was! If covid hadn’t hit, we would be back exploring Mexico further. Mexico, we will be back!