TIFFANY (that’s me!)…I am:

– an empty nester mom of 2 (Bryce and Taylor)

– a retired retail manager

– a people person, who’s an extrovert until I can’t anymore

– a lover of reading

– a lover of the ocean, the mountains, any water and nature

– a lover of hiking (just not too hard, yet)

– and I love traveling with my Hubs, Sean, and Astro our fur-ever boy

ASTRO (our 4 legged boy)…He is:

– Mr. Chill…until he has his 5 minute zoomies…then back to chill

– sweet as can be

– loves to be outside ALL. THE. TIME.

– a scaredy cat of all water

– and just wants to play will all the other dogs (or cats…or squirrels…or birds), whether they want to or not!

SEAN (AKA the hubs)…He is:

– a retired mental health professional & jack-of-all (other) trades

– an introvert, with a HUGE heart

– a lover of all things outdoors

– a lover of the mountains and adventure sports

– a lover of hiking/trail-blazing (helping me push my limits)

– a great partner to share this lifestyle with (I’m so blessed)

In July 2017, we bought our first trailer…a little 22 ft travel trailer…with no slides. Shout out to @keepyourdaydream for sharing their journey – their inspirational nudge helped us get into something we could tow with the truck we already owned. We began living in the trailer as temporary housing, while we relocated to close down a retail store for my (Tiffany) company.

After my company closed its doors in February 2018, we realized it was the perfect time to go on the road…and semi-retire. So, we went back home to pack and close up our house. We had many false starts (or restarts) and finally were able get on the road November 2019. We loved it. The life-style. The people. The communities. The experiences. The places.

We loved the life-style and journey…made some amazing friends on the road…experienced some amazing places…but, then had to return to California Feb 2020 to help family for a few weeks.

Moments2pause RV Rig Full Time Travelers Set Up

Then the world stopped. And our “few weeks” became months as California locked down tight. We are so very grateful for family and friends during this time…we’ve been lucky to find places to stay during the California lockdown (mooch-docking for the WIN!).

And, as of now, we are still stationary in California. We decided to focus our efforts on trailer updates and helping family and friends with their homes (our way to reciprocate all the support they’ve offered us these last few months). We’re hopeful to return to the road in a few more months, but aren’t rushing — we want to finish the projects we’ve started and make sure things are a little more stable in the world (and it’s not so BLAZING hot).